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Opening A Sports Bar That The Crowd Loves

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There is something uniquely special about watching the big game at a sports bar, surrounded by other fans. If you love this feeling, you might be thinking of opening a sports bar yourself. So how do you make sure the sports bar you open is packed every night and beloved by the crowd? Here are a few tips.

Cater To More Than One Sport

While there is something to be said for sports bars that only focus on one sport, they don't tend to be the busiest or the most profitable. You'll get more business if you cater to more than one sport because that means you can market the bar to multiple sets of fans. In the US, it might be wise to focus on football and basketball as both of those sports are very popular. You can throw in a more unique sport, like rugby or tennis, if you feel the need to round things out and appeal to another set of fans.

Offer Great Drink Specials

A bar that has good drink specials will always draw in a crowd. Offer a few drinks at very affordable prices, and understand that many guests will spend the money they save on either more drinks or on food. One option is to offer a certain light beer for just a couple of dollars per pint. Or you could offer drinks for a really low price. You don't need a ton of these specials, but you do need enough to bring the budget-conscious in the door.

Create a Menu With the Classics

Sports bar owners often try to set their menus apart from the crowd. It's not a bad idea to offer one or two unique items that customers can't get anywhere else. However, you also need to offer the classics: burgers, sandwiches, chicken wings, and other fried foods. If you can offer pizza, do so, too. There is a strong association between these foods and sports that guests may not come back if they can't get these foods at your sports bar. If you feel the need to set your food apart, do so within the parameters of these dishes. For example, you could offer a unique burger, or you could serve all of your sandwiches on bagels.

Opening a sports bar is less about being unique and more about catering to what guests already want. Follow the tips above for greater success. For more ideas, reach out to local sports bars.