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Italian Catering Ideas For Wedding Celebrations

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If you are of Italian heritage and are planning your wedding, you may want to consider having your reception catered with traditional Italian cuisine. Here is a list of the most popular wedding foods to serve.


Little morsels are normally served during the cocktail reception before dinner. These may be tray-passed hors d-oeuvres or they may be placed on a buffet table. A classic antipasto platter is a must have. Antipasto is a collection of assorted marinated vegetables, meats, fishes, and cheeses. Italian cold cuts, like pepperoni, mortadella, capicola, salami, and prosciutto along with cheeses, such as Parmigiano-Reggiano, fresh mozzarella, and aged Manchego are mainstays. Add brined olives, artichokes, pickled peppers and onions, asparagus, capers and roasted garlic, and giardiniera, marinated carrots, cauliflower, celery, pickles, onions and peppers. You can also include seafood, like sardines, anchovies, caviar, and seared tuna. Serve with assorted breads and crackers.

In addition to the antipasto platter, you can offer salted nuts, miniature calzones, bruschetta, prosciutto-wrapped melon balls, grilled mussels with pesto, fresh oysters, or any assortment of canapes.


This is what Americans commonly refer to as an appetizer, the first course served at the dinner table. It may consist of soup, such as gazpacho or cream of asparagus, or a Caprese salad consisting of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and seasoned with extra-virgin olive oil, salt, cracked blacked pepper, and balsamic vinegar.


Literally the "first plate," this first substantial course is typically pasta. Consider gnocchi, tender potato dumplings, with a brown butter sage sauce, spinach and ricotta raviolis with pesto, or a mushroom risotto.


The second plate is the main event, which is almost always meat, but it could be fish as well. Consider options like chicken Marsala, veal scaloppine piccata, pork braciole, marinated flank steak, or seafood scampi.


These are the side dishes served along with the main. Of course this depends on your entrée choice. Seafood scampi would be traditionally served with a side of linguine, chicken marsala may be served on a bed of farfalle- bowtie pasta, and roasted potatoes with the pork, beef or veal. Vegetables might be grilled asparagus or sautéed broccoli rabe.


Sorbet is similar to a sherbet or ice cream, but it isn't made with cream. It is usually made from pureed fruit and water, but alcohol may be used in place of the water. Just a tiny scoop is served as its purpose is to clear the palate in preparation for the next course or dessert.


Your may choose to serve your wedding cake as the dessert, or you may decide you want both a traditional dessert, like tiramisu or cannoli, and your wedding cake. Espresso and cappuccino are the usual accompaniment. 


Traditional Italian wedding cakes are quite simple compared to their American counterparts. There is usually only one layer, typically either white or chocolate, and piped with a simple lemon cream or Chantilly filling. It may be garnished with fresh fruit.The wedding cake may be served with Prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine that is similar to Champagne. 

For more options and information, contact an Italian catering company.