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Tips For Throwing A Baby Shower

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If you have a close friend or relative that's expecting a baby, you may be planning to throw them a baby shower. If this is the case, then you'll want to read up on some great tips that can help you to throw a shower they will love and that will result in them collecting a lot of fantastic presents that will help them with regards to items to care for their new baby. Since a baby is a big expense, those helpful gifts can really help new parents out along the way and especially in those first few months of parenthood. Here are some tips for throwing a great baby shower:

Have the parents make a baby registry

One of the first things you want to do is to prompt the parents to be to make a baby registry at some of the different stores that carry the items they want. The registry allows the people invited to the shower to view a list of the things the parents need and want. This will help them out tremendously when it comes to shopping for a gift and it helps ensure the parents get the things they need the most.

When someone buys one of the items, they can check it off the registry so the parents won't end up with a lot of duplicate gifts. Make sure to let them know they should put a lot of gifts on the registry and ones that range in value from inexpensive amounts all the way up. This way, invited parties won't get offended when they see only expensive items. It also increases the chances of the parents receiving multiple gifts from one attendee.

Consider inviting men to the shower

In the past baby showers generally included women only. However, things are changing quickly and many people are now having both men and women come to baby showers. Inviting both genders can actually make the shower more entertaining and it can lengthen the guest list. When it comes to a baby shower it's generally 'the more the merrier'. Especially if everyone brings a gift like they are expected to do.

Have a lot of games with fun prizes

You can have a lot of games going on, such as guess the circumference of mommy's belly and guess what food item is in the diaper. These games add a lot of fun to the shower and they are a great way to celebrate the up and coming birth. The prizes you give out can include anything from a candy bar to gift cards and anything else you feel like giving out.

Have the shower catered

If you have the shower catered then you won't have to worry about preparing the food, serving the food and cleaning up after the baby shower is finished. When you have someone else catering the shower you are left to enjoy the shower with everyone else and take part in all of the fun games.