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Four Options To Consider When Eating Low Carb At A Sandwich Shop

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When you eat a low-carb diet, it can be hard to find fast food that is not overly processed or fried. Fortunately, if you have a local sandwich shop nearby, you can get a great lunch on the go quickly and easily. Below is a list of three great fast meal options to consider when you head out for a bite to eat at your local lunch restaurant in the near future.

Ask If the Shop Offers Lettuce Wraps

There are many sandwich shops that have large leaves of lettuce on site. You can ask to have the sandwich makers to place all of the ingredients that they would have placed in your sandwich into the leaves of lettuce for you. You can then hold the lettuce wrap in your hands as you eat it and enjoy a healthier sandwich option.

Ask If the Shop Offers Meat Roll-Ups

If you are not a huge fan of vegetables, you could simply ask to have the cheese rolled up inside of the cheese and the roll ups cut into slices. You can then eat the roll ups with a fork or spoon and enjoy the low-carb treat quickly and easily.

Ask if the Shop Offers Subs in a Bowl

Ask for the shop to create you a sub in a bowl. They can place the sub ingredients into a bowl and shred them up so that you can eat them like a salad. Ask for extra vegetables to make your salad as hearty as it can be. The sub shops often have dressings on hand so topping the salad off should be easy.

Create Your Own Low-Carb Option

If all else fails, simply create a low carb option of your own. Ask for everything that you want to have on the sub and then remove the bread when you get it back to your seat. You could even ask for a plate or bowl so that you can divide the items how you want them divided so that you can truly enjoy the meal as much as you possibly can.

Being able to eat creatively on the go is important when you choose to eat a low-carb diet. Being able to eat at a place that primarily serves meals that are filled with carbs is not difficult it if you are willing to think outside of the box and ask for a custom meal that fits within your diet.