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Hosting A Kid's Pizza Party At An Italian Restaurant

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If you have a child who is going to be having a birthday in the near future, holding a birthday party for them and their friends is likely to be an activity you wish to plan. Holding a party at an Italian pizzeria is a great way to teach children about traditions of another country while enjoying the delicacies the establishment has available to consume. Here are a few tips to use in making a pizza party a success for your child and their friends.

Consider An Outside Activity First

While the focus of your child's birthday will be the food that is served, it is a good idea to have a source of entertainment for the children to enjoy in addition to the restaurant trip. This can be a trip to a zoo, a mini golf park, or simply having children play at your house before you head out for a delicious meal. This will also allow the children to expend some energy, helping to make sure they are hungry when it comes time for food to be served.

Make Sure The Restaurant Suits Your Needs

Call a few pizza places to find out if they allow for parties before you decide upon using them for your child's special day. Some pizza places will have a separate room available to be rented for private events. This is a great way to celebrate without having other restaurant guests watching every activity taking place. This will give your party a bit of privacy as well as allow you to relax a bit as the children will not be deemed as a nuisance to others in the restaurant.

Order Several Different Types Of Food

While most children will want to eat pizza, it is a good idea to introduce them to a few other choices. Take a look at a menu before your party arrives so you can make selections without having too many requests from the party-goers. Larger platters of baked ziti, stuffed shells, or antipasto salad can be enjoyed by all members present. Make sure to order a variety of breads to place in baskets of each of the children's tables. This can include garlic knots or buttered rolls. It is also a good idea to encourage the children to try different pizza toppings. Make sure each table has its own spices so each child can grab them to use when needed.