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You Can Eat At A Burger Restaurant In Spite Of Your Dietary Restrictions

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It can be difficult to find a place to eat out when you have any dietary restrictions, whether it is due to health reasons or your own choosing. Luckily, many restaurants have become understanding of their customers' needs, and this includes burger restaurants. Here are just a few of the ways these food establishments may fit in with your needs.


If you have decided not to eat meat, going to a fast food or burger restaurant might not seem possible. However, most places have a few salad choices, and you can ask to have any meat left off the one of your choice. In addition, you can eat the French fires or other sides offered. Finally, many places now carry some sort of veggie burger, or you may ask for one of their sandwiches without the meat patties.


The main concern of diabetics is carbohydrates. This means you will need to avoid the fries and the bread and any breaded meats. However, you can ask for a burger or other sandwich without the bun. You can also choose one of their salads. If they offer a grilled chicken sandwich, it is a good option once you take off the bun.

Heart Issues

Since you may need to restrict your fat intake if you have heart issues, you should avoid hamburgers. However, you can still enjoy a chicken sandwich, especially if it is grilled and not breaded or deep fried. A full-service burger restaurant is likely to have soups to go along with a salad, too, and this can be a good option. If they offer baked fries—perhaps their sweet potato fries are baked—and you can enjoy these, too.

Weight Loss

Soups, salads, and grilled chicken without the bun are good options for someone trying to lose weight. Be sure to pay attention to any condiments and choose them wisely to avoid added calories. Instead of fries, ask if they have a fruit option instead.

No matter what your dietary needs, you need to be careful not only with what you eat, but what you drink, too. It does no good to order your meal with constraints only to defeat it all with a drink.

Just because you can't indulge in everything on the menu does not mean that you can't enjoy a meal with friends at a burger restaurant. Look over the menu well and ask questions when you are not sure if something will fit your needs. Even if the server does not know, he or she can go back to the kitchen to find out. Stick to your diet to maintain your health, but don't skip out on your needs to socialize because of it.