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Three Types Of Stainless Steel Chafing Dishes To Use On Your Buffet

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A variety of styles of stainless steel chafing dishes can offer functionality and visual appeal to the buffet of your restaurant. Restaurant equipment manufacturers produce a number of different types of chafing dishes that can be suitable for all sorts of establishments. When you're shopping for these serving vessels, it's important to carefully think about the types of food that you serve. Doing so will ensure that you have the right chafing dishes to hold the food in the best way possible. Here are three types of chafing dishes that buffet restaurants often use.


Round chafing dishes come in different sizes, but this serving vessel is characteristically large. It's ideal for holding a variety of foods. Soup is a common food to place in this type of chafing dish, but there are a number of other foods that can work well in a vessel of this shape. If you have a seafood buffet, hot mussels can look good in a round chafing dish. If you're able to get your hands on a number of smaller round chafing dishes, they can be suitable for gravies and other sauces that you want to keep warm for your customers.

Multiple Compartments

You'll also want to buy some chafing dishes that have multiple compartments. Some chafing dishes have two separate compartments under one lid, while others have three smaller sections that are side by side. This type of chafing dish is ideal for serving foods that people frequently take together. If you have breakfast at your restaurant, having scrambled eggs in one half of the chafing dish and pieces of bacon in the other half can be a worthwhile idea, given that most of the people who reach for one food will also want the other.


Large rectangular chafing dishes are common for many types of food, and their size and shape makes them highly versatile as part of any restaurant's buffet. A large chafing dish can hold an entire lasagna, for example, while it can also hold a significant selection of individual items — eggs benedict at a breakfast buffet, for example. If you have hot desserts available at your restaurant such as bread pudding, it can be appealing in this type of serving vessel, too. Rectangular chafing dishes come in several different sizes, allowing you to choose exactly what will work for you and your establishment.

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