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Different Types Of Chicken Wings To Order For Your Barbecue Feast

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If you're hosting an upcoming gathering and have decided to hire a local catering service to provide the food, you might have chosen a barbecue catering business. Many people love barbecue, and one of the best things about choosing this type of fare is that it encompasses a wide range of foods. While brisket, pulled pork, and ribs might be the meats that get the most attention on the menu, don't overlook ordering some chicken wings, too. You'll commonly find that most barbecue catering services can offer you a number of different types of wings. It can thus be fun to have a few options available for your guests, including these types.


A lot of people think of wings as being slathered in barbecue sauce, and there are certainly many varieties that fit this description. It's worthwhile to ask your catering service about dry-rubbed wings, however. These are wings that aren't covered in sauce but are instead coated in a blend of dried spices. Dry-rubbed wings are appealing because they're relatively easy to eat without getting your fingers messy, and the variety of dry rubs — spicy, sweet, and virtually everything in between — can mean there are many different flavors to enjoy in this style.


One of the options that your barbecue catering service may have available is smoked wings. This is another style of wing that you'll want to think about adding to the menu. In addition to their smoky flavor, smoked wings are a good choice because their meat is very tender. The flavor of smoked wings can vary based on the type of wood that your caterer uses, as well as the spices on the wings.


Of course, you'll also want to have a few types of sauced wings available, given their wide popularity. The star of the show is the sauce, which your caterer will often make from scratch. Sauced wings are available in a number of flavors and temperatures. If you expect that hot wings will be popular among your gathered guests, talk to your caterer about making some hot or extra-hot wings available. Milder sauces such as honey garlic will also be a popular choice. Determine how many guests you expect to have at your event, and then provide this number to your barbecue catering company; they will be able to make a suggestion about how many wings to order.

To learn more about your options, contact a BBQ catering service.