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Tips For Decorating A Banquet Room For A Wedding Reception

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If your wedding reception has a large guest list, finding a venue that can accommodate all of your family and friends comfortably is a priority. Consider renting a banquet room at your favorite restaurant to save both time and money since you won't have to go off-site for catering services. 

Although banquet rooms typically don't have much character, you can make the space your own with the right decorations. Use your wedding colors or theme, or both, to give the event venue a personalized touch. The good news is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to create an aesthetically pleasing space, as a few eye-catching pieces, along with some smaller items, are all you'll need. 

If you're on a tight budget, look for pieces that work as both decorations and other useful items. You can also use decor you already own, or if you buy it, choose items you can reuse later. 

Following are more tips for decorating a banquet room for a wedding reception:

1. Light It Up 

If you get the go-ahead from restaurant staff, consider hanging additional lighting to give the space ambiance to spare. Wrap string lights around rafters or beams, or string cafe lights from the ceiling. This is ideal if the banquet room lighting isn't very bright, or you can turn off the room lights and just have the decor lights on as a cozy touch.

As another idea, use either electric or candle lanterns as table centerpieces. Choose colors that reflect your decor theme, such as turquoise, white and tan for a beach-inspired space. Silver and white candles are perfect for a winter wonderland theme, while yellow, green, and orange work for a garden-inspired look. 

After the reception, you can also bring all of the lighting elements home to decorate your home. 

2. Luxurious Linens 

Give a basic room a hint of luxury with high-quality linens. For instance, drape tablecloths over the cake, gift, and guest book tables, as well as on the dinner tables. Go for an elegant look with all-white linens, or give the room a pop of color with brightly-hued ones. 

Place matching cloth napkins by each place setting, and choose napkin holders that coordinate with your decor theme. Go with silver or gold holders featuring starfish, seahorse, or shell designs for a beach theme, or enamel flowers and leaves for a garden-inspired look.

Contact a local banquet room for more information.